Verona, Italy: The Real Romeo and Juliet

Get lost in the Shakespearean tragic love story by visiting Juliet’s Balcony in Verona, Italy. Only a train ride away from all SAI locations in Italy, Verona is a fairy-tale-like city filled with narrow cobbled roads and unique sights for all. Made famous by the movie, Letters to Juliet, starring Amanda Seyfried, the hidden balcony is a magical sight, visible only after walking through a wonderful little tunnel. The wall underneath the balcony is the same wall from the featured film where confused women place their letters written to Juliet in hopes for insight and advice. The romantic and magical thought of this tradition makes the area in Verona feel even more special.

Make sure to leave your own note for the long-lost female and to take a picture with the statue of Juliet herself. Also be sure to place your hand over her chest as you take the picture…it’s a tradition for good luck, I promise :) 

                                     Statue of Juliet

I encourage you to make the trek to Verona where Shakespeare comes to life. Who says Shakespeare can’t be real?

To see the movie which exposed it all: